Get Your Date Asking for Another Date After the First Meeting

Published: 26th October 2010
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When dating online, the goal is to make contact with a woman, to meet her real time, and to finally start a relationship. During that process, the first date is very important.

In order to increase the chance of hearing from this woman in the future, you have to absolutely blow her mind in the initial 5 minutes of meeting. Initial impact can attract her closer to you and improve the chances of a future interaction, or they can literally ruin your chances. When you interact with women, those five minutes are crucial.

You more chance to succeed at approaching women online and in the real world if you can present yourself in the best light possible in those first five minutes. Put your best foot forward and be conscious of every action and word, and you will probably catch her interest.

Learn the following first-meeting advices to ensure you'll make a correct first impression on the girl of your dreams.

First, make sure you are not late when you date women for the initial meeting. If she is sitting there alone watching the clock she will get the impression that the meeting doesn't mean much to you. Plus, having to justifying yourself in a proper way will backfire and you will not impress her.

You should plan on arriving there a minimum of a few minutes earlier. Try to give yourself a 15 minute window in case something happens while getting to the meeting.

Make sure that you are looking and feeling your best when you date women for that initial crucial date. If you are wearing clothing that makes you feel good and properly groomed you will feel great and that will be evident to her. She will enjoy that you are so confident in yourself.

Hygiene is crucial when meeting women in person. If you are distracted by armpit odor, the clothing sweat from your afternoon exercise, or the smell of your breath, you will not be able to focus entirely on the date. This distraction and lack of freshness will be obvious.

You are who you you want to be when you date girls for the first time. If you think that she is not going to be impressed, then that lack of confidence will be noticeable and she almost certainly won't be. If you feel confident and assume she is going to be attracted to you, then chances are much higher of achieving a favorable result.

You must think that you are worthy of a long term relationship with a good person when meeting girls you want to take off the market. If you don't think you are worth their time, then neither will they!

Confidence goes a long way to get a connection when meeting women that are attractive and fun. If you believe that you are the best thing to walk into her life, chances are she will realize it too.

Interested in one small detail that help you interact with girls with excellent result? Just smile! Lots of women said being drawn to men who smile often more than they are drawn to highly good looking men. This is something all men can do.

Your approach when you meet girls for the first time is very important. Causally give her a hug, maybe a kiss on the cheek, and of course a big smile. This will go a long way to get a positive first impression but will also help her loosen up and feel comfortable with you right away.

Finally, how you interact when dating women is crucial to getting that second date. Make sure you are talking honestly about yourself but that you don't hog the entire conversation. You should fall into a simple interaction where you both have chances to speak freely and answer to one another.

The first five minutes of your first meeting are the most important. The future of your relationship depends on them. You should definitely do everything you can to get chance on your side by creating a great first impression.

That said, making a good first impression when dating girls for the first time may not ensure a long-term and lovely relationship. Evidently there are other things that come into play. One thing for sure: If you succeed in the first five minutes and she likes you, you will have paved the foundation for a friendly or possibly a long-term relationship.

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